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The launching of the Institute for Sustainable Engineering is an epoch-making event in the history of engineering and education in the entire world.

It represents a significant shift in awareness of what is possible to accomplish by engineers, scientists, educators and researchers alike. The universe we all live in is a universe of consequences, everything we do, each and every of our actions included. It is often said that the more we know, the more there is to know. Not all knowledge is power, though. It is prudent and wise to choose with infinite care and not to waste any time with things that are good for nothing, and actions that lead to disastrous outcomes, unhealthy living, the destruction of the planet and the environment that we and all life absolutely depend on. This reasoning is at the center of the Institute.

This shift in awareness is fundamentally required and necessary to make the transition to a sustainable society, as it has become clear that existing problems are impossible to solve utilizing the same frame of mind that created them.

Founded with a private donation given to Dr. Tony Pereira, UCLA ME PhD.

We aim to become a powerful world force for change, and to facilitate the transition to a sustainable society by establishing working partnerships with scientists, researchers, educators, organizations, and entities public and private from all around the planet working towards a sustainable present.

The time is now.


Institute for Sustainable Engineering


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Institute for Sustainable Engineering - Mission Statement.

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